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General Overview of Supplier Diversity

The Office of Supplier Diversity, formerly the Set Aside Program, primary focus is to improve economic opportunities for the State‘s Small And Minority Businesses. Using improved management procedures, the office has shortened the time needed to secure certification while reducing the amount and type of detailed business data required for applicants.

The Office of Supplier Diversity:

  • Serves as primary liaison for small vendors seeking state procurement opportunities,
  • Recruit and certify small, women, minority and disabled-owned businesses to participate in the Set-Aside Program
  • Measures the states success as it relates to SBE/MBE spending
  • Matchmaking viable-growth oriented SBE/MBE businesses with purchasing/contracting opportunities
  • Advocate for Small Business Enterprises working within the state procurement process

SBE/MBE looking to do business with the State of Connecticut will find a government that is customer-friendly and looking to do business with the Small/Minority Business community.

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