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Hartford, CT 06106

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EXAMINATIONS: Most jobs in Connecticut State Service require an examination to measure your qualifications. Depending on the type of job, the examination may be written multiple choice or essay, experience and training, oral, practical, or some combination of these or other types of tests.

Written Examinations: These consist of multiple choice and/or essay questions which cover the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job. These examinations are usually administered in Hartford on Saturdays. The exact date of the examination is indicated on the examination announcement. You will be notified by mail of your scheduled test time and location approximately two weeks prior to the test date. All candidates are expected to attend the examination on the day they are scheduled.

Experience and Training Examinations: These examinations require applicants to provide information about their work experience and educational training as it relates to the job they are seeking. In most cases, the examination announcement contains the instructions for applicants to follow when completing the examination. In these cases, the examination information must be submitted along with the completed application form. In other cases, applicants are sent a questionnaire to complete about their background and qualifications. The questionnaire is mailed to those applicants who are determined to meet the minimum experience and training requirements for admittance into the examination. Applicants are generally given two weeks to complete the questionnaire and return it by mail. In a small number of cases, the examination involves a review of only the information provided on the application form.

Oral Examinations: These consist of structured sets of job related questions or practical work problems administered to you by a panel of job experts. In addition to the application of technical knowledge, oral examinations are usually designed to test an applicant's interpersonal skills, problem solving ability, oral communication skills, and if appropriate supervisory or management skills. Oral examinations are not job interviews. These examinations are usually administered during the work week. You will be notified by mail of your scheduled test date, time and location approximately two weeks prior to the test date. All candidates are expected to attend the examination on the day they are scheduled.

Practical Examinations: These are tests requiring applicants to produce actual work products. The most common of these is the typing test which is administered on computers. These examinations may be administered during the work week or on Saturdays. You will be notified by mail of your scheduled test date, time and location approximately two weeks prior to the test date. All candidates are expected to attend the examination on the day they are scheduled.


You must submit a completed Application for Examination or Employment (CT-HR-12) to take an examination.  You may obtain a copy of the application form (CT-HR-12) from the Department of Administrative Services, Statewide Human Resources Management, 165 Capitol Avenue, Room 110, Hartford, Connecticut or at any of the Connecticut State Job Centers which are listed in the blue pages of the Connecticut telephone directory. The application form(CT-HR-12) is available in Adobe Acrobat. The software to view and print Adobe Acrobat documents is available free from Adobe.

A separate application form must be completed and submitted for each exam that you wish to take. Application forms must have all parts completed, detailing how you meet the minimum experience and training qualifications for each exam for which you apply. Application requirements vary for different jobs. Each examination announcement contains the specific entry requirements for that examination and filing date for applications. Please read the examination announcement carefully before completing your application form

Mail your completed  application to DAS/Statewide Human Resources Management, Room 422, State Office Building, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut  06106-1658 (Fax #s 860-622-2840, 860-622-2910 or 860-622-2875).  The preferred method of submitting application materials is via fax.  When faxing materials, keep a copy of your completed application form and the fax transmittal receipt for your records.  Due to the large number of applications received, we cannot confirm receipt of applications. 

Do not mail a copy of your application form if you have faxed the materials..

In order to be eligible to take an examination, you must indicate on your application that you have the required experience and training listed for the examination. This may include General Experience, Special Experience and Special Requirements. IN ORDER TO QUALIFY, YOU MUST HAVE BOTH THE REQUIRED GENERAL AND SPECIAL EXPERIENCE AS WELL AS THE SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS.

Please Note: (1) To qualify, the required experience must have been the primary focus of your job. (2) Time in part-time jobs will be prorated to its full-time (40 hours per week) equivalent. (3) Internships completed as part of an education program will not be counted towards meeting the General or Special experience if your education is considered under the Substitutions Allowed.

Connecticut State Government is an equal opportunity employer operating under an approved affirmative action plan. As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage women, minorities and persons with disabilities to apply.
Qualified individuals with a disability that require special testing accommodations under provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should contact the Personnel Assessment Services Section of DAS/Statewide Human Resources Management at (860) 713-7463 (voice and TDD) immediately upon submitting an application for an examination. When calling, please be prepared to provide the exam title and number, your social security number and a description of your specific needs.
All applications are reviewed by Human Resource Specialists at DAS/Statewide Human Resources Management to make certain that applicants meet the experience and training requirements to be admitted into the examination they are applying for and that all required materials are submitted. Applicants meeting the experience and training requirements are sent an admittance letter, stating the test date, time and location, about two weeks prior to the exam date, if an assembled examination is required. Applicants not meeting the stated experience and training requirements, are sent a letter stating that they are ineligible to take the examination and explaining the reasons for this determination. An appeal process is available for applicants who feel that this determination is incorrect.
Your final exam score will be mailed to you several weeks after the examination has been administered. Those persons that obtain a passing score will have their names placed on a candidate list for that examination. As vacancies occur, the names of the passing candidates available for the geographic area and employment conditions are referred to the hiring agency from the candidate list. Once a list of passing candidates has been given to an agency, it is up to the agency to decide who they wish to hire from among the candidates. Personal interviews are often used by agencies in making a decision on whom to hire.
You may apply for Veteran's Preference points for examinations Open to the Public by completing the Veteran's Preference section of the CT-HR-12 application form. You need only submit the information once unless your status as a veteran has changed. Proof of your right to Veteran's Preference (DD214) must be submitted with your application, if not already on file. To claim veteran's preference, you must have served during the specific periods listed on the CT-HR-12. Veteran's Credit is only given on Open Competitive examinations and only to applicant's who receive a passing score on the examination.
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