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Core-CT Inventory Data Collection Procedures for Purchases Made Using General Letter #71

Agencies who use their General Letter #71 purchase authority to buy commodities that will be inventoried and stored in their agency warehouses will be responsible for the following:

  1. When soliciting bids/quotes using GL-71, agencies should include the bid language to support e-commerce (modified to their agency), and include the Core-CT Supplier Kit and related information. Sample language is noted below, and the supplier kit link is included with this language:
    On July 1, 2003, the State of Connecticut began utilizing an internet-based E-Procurement ordering system (PeopleSoft), known as Core-CT. With Core-CT, companies receiving awards from this quote/bid will receive purchase orders from the State of Connecticut through this system.
    Companies will be required to provide the State of Connecticut with functional data files including detailed product and pricing information. These files will then be loaded into a catalog on this system for ordering and inventory purposes. Companies that do not and/or cannot comply with these requirements when required, and/or fail to provide functional data files within a reasonable amount of time (as specified by the State) may be terminated from a contract award. For additional detailed information on E-Commerce/Data File Requirements and Core-CT please contact the Contract Specialist referenced on this bid/rfp package.
    Agencies should include enforceable data collection time.

Questions about this policy may be directed to the DAS Catalog Management Team:
Mike Owsianko, 860-622-2343

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