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Office of the Commissioner

Melody A. Currey, Commissioner  (860) 713-5100 FAX: (860) 713-7481

Toni Fatone, Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Services (860) 713-5100

Mark Raymond, CIO, Bureau of Enterprise Systems Technology (860) 622-2419

Pasquale J. Salemi, Deputy Commissioner, Construction Services (860) 713-5850

Doug Moore, Bureau of Properties and Facilities Management (860) 713-5885

Erin Choquette, Legal Counsel and Legislative Liaison (860) 713-5276

Jeffrey Beckham, Staff Counsel/Director of Communications and the DAS Print Shop (860) 713-5195

Alicia Nuñez, Director of DAS Equal Employment Opportunity (860) 713-5317

Procurement Services

Administers statewide contracts for the purchase of supplies, equipment and contractual services in accordance with Chapter 58 of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.).  Also administers the Supplier Diversity (Set-Aside) Program, State and Federal Surplus Property Distribution Programs, Construction Contractor Prequalification Program and state P-Card Program.

Carol Wilson, Director, (860) 713-5095



Leasing and Property Transfer


The DAS Leasing and Property Transfer Unit conducts real estate transactions on behalf of the State. It provides these services to 50 state agencies and is responsible for managing 165 leases    and 60 lease-outs, totaling 2,600,000 square feet. The Unit is also responsible for lease compliance. Per statute, lease compliance reviews are conducted at all leased facilities at least once a year. In addition, the Unit also acquires and disposes of real estate for the same agencies.           

     Shane P. Mallory, RPA, Administrator, (860) 713-5682 

Statewide Human Resources Management

Implements Chapter 67 of the C.G.S. with regard to hiring and promoting employees, conducting examinations, maintaining the state’s job classification system, evaluating jobs, and administering compensation and benefits.

Nicholas Hermes, Director (860) 713-5205

DAS Business Office

Provides business functions to DAS and numerous other state agencies under Sec. 60(c) of Public Act 05-251.  Also oversees DAS Mail and Courier Services.

V. Jean Michael, Director, (860) 713-5115

Collection Services

Maximizes reimbursement to the state for various services and public assistance provided or funded by the state.

JoAnn Figueiredo, Director (860) 713-5400

Fleet Operations

Oversees the purchase, maintenance and repair of the state’s vehicles.

Frank Sanzo, Director, (860) 713-5160

Workers’ Compensation

Manages the workers’ compensation program for state employees, promoting safety and loss control programs, and coordinating workplace wellness programs.  DAS Worker's Compensation also oversees the state's Master Insurance Program.

Main Line (860) 713-5002

Small Agency Resource Team

Provides personnel and payroll functions to numerous state agencies under or according to Sec. 60(c) of Public Act 05-251.

Dave Lynn, Director, 713-5107

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